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Posted: November 11, 2012 in Entertainment

When I know the team for this movie was the same production team for “Gol & Gincu” and “Pisau Cukur”, then am just bought the movie ticket and watched it (alone)…Well, too bad for me coz most of my frenz didn’t like Malay Movie…

All the actor/actress in the movie are superb…Love the story telling and the plot. The story is simple but still can maintain viewer attention till the end..Love all the scene between Dian and Harris. Here are the  best 5 scenes that I love in the movie

1. Maggi Assam Laksa

Great idea from the movie team. Well, for some people its just a instant noodle. But in this movie, Maggi Assam Laksa became a subject of argument and also the apology gift.

2.Secret Reveal

Well, from the beginning, maybe majority of the viewer already can guest that Dian’s BF might have new girl. But, am still love how they reveal the secret of the BF. Love the sporting BF’s housemate. Their reaction were funny.

3. “Hair Salon”

Haris got a credit for this scene. Nice selection of background music. Such a sweet idea of the hero washed the heroin’s hair while she is so helpless due to heartbroken.

4. Dian’s updating blog

So funny and sweet..her expression. Love the ending of her blog…xoxoxo Dian..Publish

5.Who to choose aka proposal

Really love this scene. Azzad asked for second chance while Harris asked for first chance. Read from somewhere that the scene of Harris with the traffic is the real one. So sweet ar Harris. Everyone already can guest who will be chosen but still love how the production team made it suspen…hahhahaha..

Well Done to production team for such a sweet simple comedy romantic movie. am enjoying it. Love the gentleman Harris.