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Posted: January 28, 2013 in Entertainment, Movie
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Last Saturday, after attended 2 wedding invitation, me & my bestfrenz went to Wangsa Walk for movie. We opt to watch Juvana. Plus am a big fan of Juvana The Series when it was showed in TV3 last year. Those who watched the series, they will be familiar with the character Daim, Botak, Apek, Kicap, Ayam, Panjang and Komeng. All of them from Wira Bakti. This movie is the continuation of the series where after the closure of Wira Bakti, all the 6 remaining student transferred to InderaSakti (if am not mistaken) while Daim was freed after he’s been proved not guilty of murdering her mother. Ok lo, like the previous post, I don’t want to write on the movie summary since it can be read from elsewhere. Here, am just post about my feeling and review of watching the movie.

My Review:

View #1 : Friendship

Although in the middle of the story, Botak transformed into good person while Apek transformed into bad person, they still valued their friendship. When Kicap freed, he met with Daim and told him the situation they experience at the new center. In the name of friendship (although in the whole series, Botak and friend tortured Daim badly, but at the end of the series, it is them who help Daim to be freed from Wira Bakti), Daim went to the center and visit all the remaining 6 of them. Love Komeng expression when he met Daim. Love the friendship till the end when Botak was struggling with his life after being stabbed by Lan Todak.

View #2 : Family

The touching moment for me was when Apek and Kicap family came to visit them. The faces of other resident when their name was not called upset me. Of course, some of them still hope that their family visit them. Love Kicap happiness when he informed his family that he will be freed sooner. Share the same feeling with Apek that worried about her mother health. Well, I almost shed a tears during the moment when Apek heard about his mother’s death while he was detained after being accused of causing the trouble with other trainers there.

View #3 : Don’t judge the book by its cover

Adlin Aman Ramli done good job for his characters as the warden. I hate him in the beginning of his appearance because he looks like a cruel person. But actually he has a soft heart. When the news of Apek mother out, we taught he will be cruel to him by not allowing him to visit the grave. Instead, he’s the one who comfort him. He also the middle man between the Director & ex-Wira Bakti Trainer when the director keeps accused them being the culprit behind the entire incident.

Beside that, we also cannot blame Daim boss and his schoolmate when they gave hard time for him to cope with the society. Even, I myself sometimes look negatively towards those people who had a record of being detained either in Juvenile Center or in Prison. Yes, in the movie we will feel sorry to the character and being angry to those people but in fact in the real world, we are among those people.

View #4: Nur Kasih The Movie  character continues

The director/production team seems like killing two bird with one stone. Despite of the continuation of the character in Juvana Series, there also small continuation of small character from Nur Kasih The Movie. In the movie, Jamal (played by Syafie Naswip) killed one person and hurt the main actor. In Juvana Movie, he was placed in the Juvenile center and become a right man for Lan Todak. He was badly injured during the chaos after Botak hurt him with hot oil from the frying pan. He was then killed by Lan Todak himself because of Lan Todak grudge towards Botak.

View #5: Fighting Scene

Why I love Juvana Series? I love the fighting scene. Not because I love violence but because during the fighting scene, I like to see the face expression of each character. And that was the second trademark of the series after friendship (this is my personal opinion)

View #6 : Characters

Other trademark of the series (again, personal opinion) was the name of the character. Where else we can have so many “good” names in one movie. In this movie, we have Botak, Apek, Kicap, Ayam, Panjang, Komeng and Lan Todak. I really hate Lan Todak and for the whole movie, I feel like I want to kick and stabbed him. The transformed of Apek into the person who hold a grudge after his mother died and Botak into the good person also the highlight of the movie.

Overall, I love the movie. Well done to production team.


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