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Last Wednesday (Yesterday) I watched this movie. I knew it already a week after it premiere in Malaysia cinema but I just got time to watch it yesterday. I supposed to watch it last Saturday, but Sue not feeling well, so we just cancelled the plan. Well, like my previous post which regard to the movie, I’m not going to post about the synopsis but my view on the movie.

I LOVE this movie. It is an adaptation from the novel by Stephenie Mayer (also the writer of Twilight series).


  1. Melanie strength to fight for her own life. She continuously fights against Wanda (the new owner of her body).
  2. It is so funny especially when both Melanie & Wanda have a conflict and argue with each other. What make it so funny & entertaining is both souls are sharing the same body.
  3. Loveline. While Melanie already in love with Jared, but Wanda fall for Ian. So entertaining especially the scene where Wanda make a love & want to kiss Ian.
  4. TRUST. That is the main important element in life. Melanie’s uncle believes that Wanda will not bring any harm to the human community. Love how the people surround her slowly started to believe her. Wanda also does her best to gain trust especially from her brother, Jamie.

Think that’s all for this movie. I enjoy the movie.




Performance song Apo kono eh Jang & Dikir Puteri . The worst opening ever if I want to compare it with the last 25yrs of the ABPBH


SURPRISE!!!…. We already knew that the MCs will be Fara Fauzana & Zizan Razak…well, thanks TV3 to make it complete. Johan in the house. Now we got complete Jozan


Shaheizy Sam (You’re The Best…)


1.Artis Baru Lelaki Popular – Aiman Hakim (he’s doing well in all his drama: Vanilla Coklat, Rindu Bertamu di Abu Dhabi)

2. Artis Baru Wanita Popular – Wawa Zainal (I only watched one her drama, Cinta Qaseh. Other candidates also doing well in their drama)

3. Artis Komedi Lelaki PopularZizan Razak ( think he’s in the middle of changing his clothes coz he looks in rush received the award)

4. Artis Komedi Wanita Popular – Didie Alias (she’s so brave with her fashion. Her name even became WW Twitter trending)

5. Penyampai Radio Lelaki Popular – Faizal Ismail (as expected)

6. Penyampai Radio Wanita Popular – Fara Fauzana (as expected)

7. Artis Duo/Berkumpulan Popular – Black & Malique (thanks to their song : Teman Pengganti)

8.Pengacara TV Lelaki Popular – Aznil Hj Nawawi (the award went back to him)

9. Pengacara TV Wanita Popular – Fara Fauzana (love Jozan Parody acting as her bodyguard)

10.Pelakon TV Lelaki Popular – Aaron Aziz (as expected. he’s Adam & Hawa drama is a hit)

11. Pelakon TV Wanita Popular – Nabila Huda ( she deserved it after her outstanding performance in almost all of her drama recently : Julia, Janji Shirah etc)

12. Penyanyi Lelaki Popular – Hafiz (hehehe…he’s the best after M.Nasir, Anuar Zain. Love all his popular songs: Noktah Cinta, Awan Nano, Bahagiamu Deritaku, Ku Akui, Ombak Rindu, Muara Hati etc.)

13. Penyanyi Wanita Popular – Shila Amzah (She won 2012 Asian Wave and her scandal)

14. Pelakon Filem Lelaki Popular – Shaheizy Sam (his role in Songlap movie lead him to the biggest success in 2012)

15. Pelakon Filem Wanita Popular – Liyana Samsudin (She’s the best… other name for her Kak Yong after her successful muvie & drama Bini-biniku Gangster)

15. Anugerah Pencapaian Sepanjang Hayat – Search


1. Watak Jahat Dalam Filem/Drama Popular – Soffi Jikan (he’s doing well with bad character in almost all of his movie/drama)

2. Gandingan di Layar Serasi – JoZan ( no one can beat them. they are the best Duo and when both together, don’t worry bout anything)

3. Watak Animasi Tempatan Popular – Upin Ipin (as expected. but fr next time, Upin Ipin will got competitor : BoBoiBoy….hahhahaha)

4. Artis Berpengaruh Di laman Media Sosial – Zizan Razak

5. Artis Lelaki Stylo – Zizan Razak

6. Artis Wanita Stylo – Melissa Francis (seriously I have no idea on who she is)

7. Artis Asia Paling Popular – Zizan Razak


I only mention the performance that I feel the best of the best

1. Nostalgia 90 an by 1990s groups – feel like karaoke time.

2. Koleksi Lagu2 kumpulan Search (Jay Jay, Ziana Zain, Ella, M.Nasir) – another Karaoke time (Fantasia Bulan Madu, Isabella, Pawana,Meniti Titian Usang,Rozana)

3. Parody Lagu Sayang by Johan

4. Najwa Latif & Sleeq – they performed Sahabat & Untuk Dia (maybe because I love the songs & Najwa Latif)

5. Closing Performance – Teman Pengganti (Black & RJ) and Maafkan (Johan & Zizan)…kelakar….