Posted: February 22, 2014 in Movie
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Simple storyline and actually we can predict the ending unless if the production team want to make a twist. Gina (Maya Karin) & Joe (Bront Palarae), both were heartbroken being left by their sweetheart plan a plot to ruin their wedding day. Their plan success but both realise that they actually were best partner. Happy ending.

1. Nita (Izara Aisyah) and Hardy (Remy Ishak) wedding
So funny. Joe become the Tok Kadi and do his best to ruin the wedding. Then the highlight, the lady with blue hair (Tompi call he the smurf) come and told everyone that she had a night with Hardy.

2. Gina & Hardy Wedding
If am at Hardy place, I also will experience a trauma. The same scene during his wedding day with Nita happened again. Love this ending scene. The most funny thing was Hardy asked the ring back from Gina so that he can give it to Nita with the justification that he already spent too much to buy the wedding rings.

3. Phuket
Love the scene in Phuket since the first day they met until they determined to work on the plan to stop the wedding of Nita and Hardy.


  1. We cannot force love. Love will come naturally if we met the person that was destined to be with us.
  2. Learn to love and to forget. It is difficult but if we are really determine to do it, we will succeed and will live happily without any hate feeling.


I gave this movie rating 7/10. The storyline was simple and there’s also funny scene. I love chemistry between Gina & Joe as well as Lola Tijo and Tompi.

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