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After watched this movie, I asked myself a question. What will I do if I were Bill?  I can’t imagine received a text message that ordered me to do something within a given time or else, someone will die. This movie made me became part of Bill and he does the best to handle the situation and find the culprit. During this situation, it was difficult to believe everyone around you. Overall, the plot was interesting and I follow the story from the beginning till the end. I feel sorry for little girl Beca. This was her first flight and she wanted to meet her father but her first experience was not as sweet as it supposed to be.

Among all the scene in the movie, the most interesting was last 40 minutes. They were running out of time and must do the best to minimize the impact of bomb explosion. During that period of time, the culprit was finally revealed (thanks to the video recorded by one of passenger that was uploaded in YT) and thanks to the pilot for his best effort to minimize the casualties during the landing after the bomb exploded and the engine failure.

I gave 7/10 rating to the film.



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SYNOPSIS (click here)

I gave this movie rating 7/10. In the first half am not understand and confuse on the storyline. But it became better afterward. But I think I prefer the novel compared to movie version. Dmitiri & Christian so damn handsome. I love the connection / friendship between Rose and Lissa because they have GPS Psikik. How I wish I had that power so that I knew when my friend really need me to be there with them.
Victor and his daughter were unpredictable. While am guessing the headmistress Mrs Kirova (forget her name) actually its Victor was the mastermind behind all the thing happen.


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Simple storyline and actually we can predict the ending unless if the production team want to make a twist. Gina (Maya Karin) & Joe (Bront Palarae), both were heartbroken being left by their sweetheart plan a plot to ruin their wedding day. Their plan success but both realise that they actually were best partner. Happy ending.

1. Nita (Izara Aisyah) and Hardy (Remy Ishak) wedding
So funny. Joe become the Tok Kadi and do his best to ruin the wedding. Then the highlight, the lady with blue hair (Tompi call he the smurf) come and told everyone that she had a night with Hardy.

2. Gina & Hardy Wedding
If am at Hardy place, I also will experience a trauma. The same scene during his wedding day with Nita happened again. Love this ending scene. The most funny thing was Hardy asked the ring back from Gina so that he can give it to Nita with the justification that he already spent too much to buy the wedding rings.

3. Phuket
Love the scene in Phuket since the first day they met until they determined to work on the plan to stop the wedding of Nita and Hardy.


  1. We cannot force love. Love will come naturally if we met the person that was destined to be with us.
  2. Learn to love and to forget. It is difficult but if we are really determine to do it, we will succeed and will live happily without any hate feeling.


I gave this movie rating 7/10. The storyline was simple and there’s also funny scene. I love chemistry between Gina & Joe as well as Lola Tijo and Tompi.


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Image         Image

I love this movie. I give it 10/10 rating.

What I love about this movie:

Cik Lang
Cik Lang is a banshee. She is not a freaky banshee but she is beautiful, funny and sweet. Cik Lang is so up to date okay. She love to read about entertainment news and even she can call ERA FM. Like any other fan, Cik Lang also die hard fan of Afdlin Shauki and even ordered the Kami Histeria group to bring Afdlin to her as a “payment” of her service as backup singer. Fazura successfully bring Cik Lang character. Love her body gesture and her eyes.

Kami Histeria Group
Great job to Diana (Laila) and Sara Ali (Bad) especially during their argument whether they should asked for Cik Lang assistance or not. I love Peanut (Nad zainal). She has no dialog but she know how to portray her character through her facial expression. She loves to eat KitKat and even teached Cik Lang how to eat KitKat the right way. The playgirl Princess aka Airin(Mila) and tomboy Jojo (Umie) also so funny. All of them have a great chemistry. Love the scene where they waiting for Cik Lang voice to appear so that they can record it and insert into their song.

ImageSuch a sweet idea on how to make full use of KitKat. This KitKat is helpful okay. This is because it is Cik Lang’s favourite beside Peanut.
Who got Pit (Izzue Islam)?
So funny. Laila and Bad give in to each other on who should be together with Pit until Airin comes to them and inform that Pit asking Peanut for a date.
Cik Lang revenge.
This is not a horror movie but the scene of Cik Lang’s revenge because of Kami Histeria didn’t fulfil their promise make me and all in the cinema screaming. The best part was when Airin singing while taking bath & Cik Lang join her with the humming. It’s not that horror but still we want to scream.

As a summary, I love this movie. And the production team did a great job. In fact I love all the movie produce by this production house since Gol and Gincu, Pisau Cukur and Istanbul Aku Datang.


I watched this movie yesterday with no idea on what this movie all about. I just bought the ticket and waited for the screening time.

Monster was created by Dr Victor Frankenstein. We can summarize that “it” was a recycle creature. Being created but then was rejected by the creator. Because of this, “it” killed the doctor wife. Doctor was died while searching for “it”. “it” buried the doctor but then was attacked by the demons and being rescued by the Gargoyle. The Gargoyle queen name “it” Adam and invite him to join them to fight the Demon and safe the gargoyle as well as the human. But Adam refuse and told her that he only wants to kill the demon.

With no purpose in life, Adam lives for 200 years and hunting the demons. In modern world, when human was killed during Adam confrontation with the Demon, Gargoyle team catches him. Then it revealed that Demon (Prince Neberius) wants him because Adam has no soul.

The storyline is simple but still able to make me keep watching the entire movie. Its about someone who do not know what he wants in his life. He only knows that he need to fight all the demons. Later, after he knew his creation process and the motif of each people that he met in life, finally he knows his objectives.

No lovey-dovey scene and I love it. Am not against the romantic scene but sometimes it’s better not include the lovey-dovey scene. All actor/actress played their character well. I love the queen’s dress. So beautiful.

Overall, I enjoy the movie.  I give this movie rating 6/10.