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Posted: December 8, 2013 in Entertainment, Movie
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I love this movie. All the 3 stories in this movie were properly arranged. The plot was normal situations that not only happen in Kuala Lumpur but everywhere in Malaysia. No need familiar famous hero/heroine, the stories itself will touch the viewer feeling.

My Favourite Scene


  1. Rahul being cheated by illegal driver the moment he touched down @ the airport.
  2. Too much believed in people’s kindness lead Rahul from one problem to another problem
  3. Midnight dance
  4. Chasing scene between Rahul & the police.

I admit that am always had negative views on the foreign workers in Malaysia. This story told me that sometimes, some of them were not happy working here, it just they had no other option. Some of them were being cheated to come to this country with a great promise that will change their future.

I love the scene where everyone sharing food although it just rice & potatoes. Despite all the bad thing happen, they still ensure that they always live happily and love each other.


  1. Repetitive question by Nek Wok (“Nama Siapa? Tinggal Mana? Dah Kawin? Kerja apa? Bapak ada lagi?). It seems annoying but I love it.
  2. The journey of the lady to find Nek Wok”s house.
  3. Nek Wok’s concern on living at the flat/apartment especially to elderly people.

Sometimes we need someone & something happen in our life in order for us to appreciate something that we take for granted before.


  1. Spontaneous moment between the hero and heroine.
  2. The people they met

We just need to believe in ourselves and take all the comment positively


Last Wednesday (Yesterday) I watched this movie. I knew it already a week after it premiere in Malaysia cinema but I just got time to watch it yesterday. I supposed to watch it last Saturday, but Sue not feeling well, so we just cancelled the plan. Well, like my previous post which regard to the movie, I’m not going to post about the synopsis but my view on the movie.

I LOVE this movie. It is an adaptation from the novel by Stephenie Mayer (also the writer of Twilight series).


  1. Melanie strength to fight for her own life. She continuously fights against Wanda (the new owner of her body).
  2. It is so funny especially when both Melanie & Wanda have a conflict and argue with each other. What make it so funny & entertaining is both souls are sharing the same body.
  3. Loveline. While Melanie already in love with Jared, but Wanda fall for Ian. So entertaining especially the scene where Wanda make a love & want to kiss Ian.
  4. TRUST. That is the main important element in life. Melanie’s uncle believes that Wanda will not bring any harm to the human community. Love how the people surround her slowly started to believe her. Wanda also does her best to gain trust especially from her brother, Jamie.

Think that’s all for this movie. I enjoy the movie.



Last Saturday, after attended 2 wedding invitation, me & my bestfrenz went to Wangsa Walk for movie. We opt to watch Juvana. Plus am a big fan of Juvana The Series when it was showed in TV3 last year. Those who watched the series, they will be familiar with the character Daim, Botak, Apek, Kicap, Ayam, Panjang and Komeng. All of them from Wira Bakti. This movie is the continuation of the series where after the closure of Wira Bakti, all the 6 remaining student transferred to InderaSakti (if am not mistaken) while Daim was freed after he’s been proved not guilty of murdering her mother. Ok lo, like the previous post, I don’t want to write on the movie summary since it can be read from elsewhere. Here, am just post about my feeling and review of watching the movie.

My Review:

View #1 : Friendship

Although in the middle of the story, Botak transformed into good person while Apek transformed into bad person, they still valued their friendship. When Kicap freed, he met with Daim and told him the situation they experience at the new center. In the name of friendship (although in the whole series, Botak and friend tortured Daim badly, but at the end of the series, it is them who help Daim to be freed from Wira Bakti), Daim went to the center and visit all the remaining 6 of them. Love Komeng expression when he met Daim. Love the friendship till the end when Botak was struggling with his life after being stabbed by Lan Todak.

View #2 : Family

The touching moment for me was when Apek and Kicap family came to visit them. The faces of other resident when their name was not called upset me. Of course, some of them still hope that their family visit them. Love Kicap happiness when he informed his family that he will be freed sooner. Share the same feeling with Apek that worried about her mother health. Well, I almost shed a tears during the moment when Apek heard about his mother’s death while he was detained after being accused of causing the trouble with other trainers there.

View #3 : Don’t judge the book by its cover

Adlin Aman Ramli done good job for his characters as the warden. I hate him in the beginning of his appearance because he looks like a cruel person. But actually he has a soft heart. When the news of Apek mother out, we taught he will be cruel to him by not allowing him to visit the grave. Instead, he’s the one who comfort him. He also the middle man between the Director & ex-Wira Bakti Trainer when the director keeps accused them being the culprit behind the entire incident.

Beside that, we also cannot blame Daim boss and his schoolmate when they gave hard time for him to cope with the society. Even, I myself sometimes look negatively towards those people who had a record of being detained either in Juvenile Center or in Prison. Yes, in the movie we will feel sorry to the character and being angry to those people but in fact in the real world, we are among those people.

View #4: Nur Kasih The Movie  character continues

The director/production team seems like killing two bird with one stone. Despite of the continuation of the character in Juvana Series, there also small continuation of small character from Nur Kasih The Movie. In the movie, Jamal (played by Syafie Naswip) killed one person and hurt the main actor. In Juvana Movie, he was placed in the Juvenile center and become a right man for Lan Todak. He was badly injured during the chaos after Botak hurt him with hot oil from the frying pan. He was then killed by Lan Todak himself because of Lan Todak grudge towards Botak.

View #5: Fighting Scene

Why I love Juvana Series? I love the fighting scene. Not because I love violence but because during the fighting scene, I like to see the face expression of each character. And that was the second trademark of the series after friendship (this is my personal opinion)

View #6 : Characters

Other trademark of the series (again, personal opinion) was the name of the character. Where else we can have so many “good” names in one movie. In this movie, we have Botak, Apek, Kicap, Ayam, Panjang, Komeng and Lan Todak. I really hate Lan Todak and for the whole movie, I feel like I want to kick and stabbed him. The transformed of Apek into the person who hold a grudge after his mother died and Botak into the good person also the highlight of the movie.

Overall, I love the movie. Well done to production team.

Time for my own review of the movie that I watched for this month. Well, am just focusing on the scene that I love rather than the synopsis of the movie itself.

Movie #1 : The Impossible

The trailer of this movie being previewed last year while am watching Breaking Dawn. This movie took Tsunami incident in 2004 as it prop and after done a few reading, it was based on the true story of the mother called Maria. This movie touch my feeling (well, some of part I need tissue). Those people that experience lost of family member understand how does Maria feel. She still belief that her family still alive unless she found their dead body. She’s not giving up her hope. Same goes to her husband and kids.

Best moment for me:

1. When she asked her son the condition of her legs.

2. Despite being worried about herself and her family whereabouts, she keep insist & encourage her boy to assist whatever he can and reach out to other victim.

3. Am so happy when knowing that her husband & other kids still alive (its only the viewer know it, not Maria).

4. Missing people name on the board. Although this is normal practice but this scene for sure touched people heart. Sometimes, if we just a passerby, we still can relate to the feeling of the people who went to the board in hope they will found what they’re searching for.

Overall, this is perfect movie. Just a simple story but full of lesson can be learnt from here.


Movie #2: Mama

Am happened to watch this movie after reading the review from free morning “The Sun” newspaper. Then, I searched for trailers and best thing, 2 days after that, my friends asked me to join them for midnight movie and the movie title was “mama”. Title sound so loving and caring but it is can be considered as horror movie.

Why I love this movie?

1. Sometimes when in the desperate situation, people will do something that out of their norm. That happen in the beginning of the movie. Financial crisis lead the man to kill his business partner & his wife. And he also planned to kill his kids and attempting suicide after that which end up he being killed by unknown entity.

2. Annabel spirit of taking care of the girls(Victoria & Lilly) after something happen to his boyfriend. Well, love all her attempt to being close to the girl especially she knews the existence of “Mama” in the girl life. Hooray for her when Victoria finally open up to her and she still strugling for Lily.

3. Even the ghost also get jealous with human love. Annabel need to fight with “Mama” and safe the girl from “Mama” that suddenly become more dangerous when Lily finally can accept Annabel (although it is not as close as Victoria)

4. I always hate when I was asked to choose between 2 option which both of the option was important for me. This happened to Victoria and Lily. They need to choose between Annabela (the real human Mama) and Ghost Mama. This is sad moment for me especially when Lily decide she wants to be with Mama (which I also think she will opt for her “Mama” since she and Victoria being live few years under “Mama” custody and it took her long time to breakthrough with Annabel). Victoria opt for Annabel.


Movie #3 : People Like Us

I just bought the CD for this movie. The synopsis look good, so am decided to watch it. And it is based of the true story of the writer itself, Alex Kurtzman

What I like about this story?

1. Can you imagine, you live until 30+ yrs old and only knew that you’re had a sibling after your father death? Will you accept the fact. Sam is so cool handling this issue. Although he angry with his father and sympathy for her mother that being betrayed by her husband, he still want to be part of his new-found sister life (he’s not revealing his relationship to them in the beginning).

2. Hate the mother. She pretend she’s okay in front of her son and kept the big secret from him. I understand that she wants to save her family, but the fact that she asked her husband to choose between his legal family and other family really make me sick. Would there be any other method instead of separating the child from father’s love.

3. Love the ending. Although it is not directly shown the sister accepted her new found brother, but at least she still accept him in her life. The old video recording reunited them. Without their knowledge, their father actually introduced them since their childhood time and they already playing with each other since childhood. And this bring us in the earlier scene when Sam told that the only memory that he had with his father was his father brought him for walked and played every sunday.

This is my personal review on tonight show.


Great Opening by Misha Omar (Bunga-Bunga Cinta), Ziana Zain (Fantalistik) and Faizal Tahir (Antigraviti). Suke sangat opening performance. Forgot to mention, love the host for tonight, Faizal Ismail & Cheryl Samad.


Everytime I heard this song, beside both of them, I will always think about Aaron Aziz and Maya Karin. Nice first performance and props by Hafiz & Adira. And Aaron Aziz part of the performance where at the end of the performance he carried Adira.


Simple but nice.


The song is okay but I think not so enough energy with the performance. But, thanks for Amy trademark, “Pheeewiiitt”.


Opening started with music from Sudirman’s song and his trademark, Jalur Gemilang attire. Nice performance and great voice by Azlan. This is one of my favourite song.


Love how Faizal Ismail introduces the song to Cheryl and audience. Nice painting of the rainbow. Great vocal and face expression by Stacy. Simple props but it is okay since this is a slow song.


Good performance with balloons as the props. And it make me sing along with the song. The gimmick which was the song stuck in the middle so sweet.


Frankly speaking, first time I heard about this song was during the SemiFinal and it surprised me when this song got its place in the final. I search for this song and listen to it. It is a nice song. The performance tonight is nice. Full stage busking.


Nice opening with saxophone and performance also great. Love this song.


Yuna can’t perform due to her commitment with her new album at Los Angeles. She was replace by Aizat. Let listen this song in male version. Aizat done a great job for this song and show his own version of the song tonight. But, so funny saw him carry the red mug around. Clap for him.


He accompanied by Piano (played by Ajai), Violin and Guitar. Simple performance but his voice is great. Forgot to mention, love his hair style. My favourite song also.


Marsha as special appearance and they had a Masquerade concept. The composer, Edry Abdul Halim also together on the stage with Mojo.


Start with simple acting. They dance with Sabah ethnic dance and love it. Even Mimi and Jimmy Palikat change their clothes in the middle of the song (rapping part).


A.W.E.S.O.M.E… Guitar Performance and performance by 90s popular singers. Down Memory Lane with the songs. In another word, they perform the song that I always choose for Karaoke…

  • Bayangan Gurauan – Rahmat Mega
  • Lamunan Terhenti – Aris Ariwatan
  • Seribu Tahun takkan Mungkin – Joey
  • Kamelia – Ramli Sarip



  • Anugerah Juara Mobile(the most downloaded song of the year) – OMBAK RINDU (Hafiz and Adira)
  • Persembahan Terbaik (Best Performance – vote thru SMS) – TEMAN PENGGANTI (Black ft RJ)
  • Vokal Terbaik (Best Vocal) – Hafiz (KU AKUI) *This is his 3rd year for best vocal.
  • 3rd PlaceKU AKUI (Hafiz): Compose & Lyric by Ajai
  • 2nd Place – IDOLA (Azlan and the Typewriter): Compose by Audi Mok, Lyric By Azlan
  • WINNER – Terukir Di Bintang (Perform by Aizat tonite) : Compose & Lyric by Yuna